TARUNDATIYA ASTROLOGICAL CENTRE does not claim responsibility for predictions not coming true or remedial measures not proving fruitful as in astrology the 'TIME' is the basic tool used. Time being extremely dynamic and the science of astrology being based on this, it's not possible to achieve 100% results in this subject. Also intuition of the astrologer is another factor for accuracy in predictions. Another reason for inaccuracy is data supplied by the client for making Of birth chart and individual's life style. Also the degree of success is related to the efforts made by the client to raise the karmic level as advised by the astroler to achieve the desired goal or mission of life. This requires the faith he has in the science or in himself. Inspite of that the success rate of advice rendered and relief received through remedial measures is generally high and successful so for as remedial measures are concerned by controlling negative star or GRAHA TRENDS. But all said and done, many a times the STAR trends are so negative or vicious they Can't be controlled by an individual, society, nation or entire mankind. That's called Destiny.

Note : ]as it is a matter of faith and relegious/cultural faith TARUNADITYA ASTROLOGICAL CENTRE is willing to offer solutins to only those people having total faith in such matters and hence own responsibility for succes or failure of solutions/remedial measures. hence any judcial intervention is discouraged.People with such mindset may avoid such advise.
Tarunaditya Astrological Center
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Tarunaditya Astrological Center
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