About Indian Astrology
Indian astrology's history goes down to thousands of years as several references about stars (Grahas) & Nakshatras and their effects and influences on humans, animals, communities, weather and climatic conditions etc. are found in Vedas Upanishads and other scriptures in Vedic religion. The references and Horoscopic descriptions about Gods- Ram, Krishna, Ganesh, Shiv and Hanuman, Parshuram etc. are proofs of ancient roots of Vedic astrology.

Along with Astrology- Palmistry, Numerology, Shakun, Face Reading etc. have also developed through different stages of evolution of civilization. Astrology have various school of thoughts and systems like Bhrisu And Ravan Samhita's, Gemini, Prasari, Taziq, Lal Kitab etc. and various other systems of astrology are popular in different parts of India. But it basically revolves around 9 Grahas and 2 Nakshatras. In 20th century, western system of astrology also found way it's in india. parsi system of astrology is found to be most accurate and popular in india, particularly in north and western india. in last two decades, Vaastu has generated keen interest of people as a remedial measure. Vaastu is nothing but an extension of astrology only as all ancient temples, monuments, mosques are found to be constructed as per vaastu and astrological principles. so it's not correct to say that vaastu is a recent development. Similarly, palmistry and numerology are also extensions.

Astrology, Horoscope And Numerical description of stars on paper, whereas on palm, it's the influence of some stars in the shape of mounts, lines, moles, crosses, star and other symbols. Shape of fingers is also important in prediction. Similarly, in numerology, date of birth is used-each digit or number, from 1 to 9, is assigned to a star or Graha. Each number 0 to 9, alphabet, carries a peculiar energy that is associated with the concerned stars. Numbers are also related to directions and temperament, but many numerologists try to change the english alphabets in Hindu names, believing that such a change can bring a change or improvement in fortune. Hindu names are given to a child at the time of birth normally associated with various gods, eminent deities and historical personalities etc. these names were derived from Vishnu Sahastranam, Gopal Sahastranam, and lalita sahastranam or from other religious scriptures.

The names were supposed to incorporate all divine and great characteristics of the gods and legends as the newborn was expected to follow in the footsteps of the god whose name the child bore. the influence of western cuture has made Bhagwan Ram as Lord Rama and Bhagwan Krishna as Lord Krishna. First of all, gods should not be treated as lords as English queen confers the title of lord. can anybody visualize calling Jesus Christ as Lord Christ, Prophet Mohammed as Lord Mohammed or Guru Gobind Singh Ji as Lord Gobind Singh Ji? So adding an alphabet, or deducting it in Hindu names, changes the meaning or philosophy attached to that name. Also Hindu names are spoken or pronounced in particular tones, which is the very essence of the qualities of the god or legend attached to it. Similarly, in numerology, time of birth is normally not considered, which is the very basis of the future of the child born at that moment.

There is another misconception about vaastu- that bringing in some structural alterations or changes can bring about total change in the future of the owner, who may be going through a bad phase or may be interested in improving his future. Though it is advisable to have 'vaastu' done while buying a house good or bad times are related to the 'star' positions of the individual at the given point of time. Good Vaastu can marginally influence the negative impact in bad times, an incorrect house as per vaastu terms can make life a little more worse. Similarly changing the alphabets of names or the name itself cannot influence the very negative periods. In palmistry also the lines or mounts undergo changes with changing times so no hint at least about past or very definite hints about future are possible.

General standards of earth/temperament/character etc are better seen through hands whose evolution/career/housing/children/relationships etc can be seen through astrology only. Being database and capability in the subject to crosscheck the past genetically changes, generation or family livelihood, probabilities for near and distant future-covering decades which is not possible. Any other system at best can be treated as supportive facts to astrology. Western Astrology, Tarrot Cards are not as developed as Vedic astrology. Also remedial measures prescribed and the bases of horoscopes prove highly effective to those prescribed supportive systems (Tarrot Cards, Numerology, Palmistry, Western Astrology etc). The combination of astrology/yoga/remedial measures prescribed; as per Vedic systems prove highly effective. Also these systems are more helpful in spiritual elevations of for search of peace and tranquilly. Other systems concentrate more on material gains and prosperity.

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